• This product is a single-stage volute centrifugal pump with no guide vane and has simple and unique design to show high efficiency.
  • This product is designed and manufactured to have static and dynamic balance for low noise and low vibration.
  • Model selection is easy because a series of standardized specifications are available.
  • The compatibility of parts is good and supply of spare parts is easy; it has a horizontal suction and vertical exhaust single-stage structure.
  • Durable painting with heat treatment after application
  • TEFC 4-pole motor
  • 3-phase 220V/380V (DOL)
  • Insulation grade: F


Hydrant jockey pump, water supply to boiler, oil transfer, common water supply to contamination-preventive device and compression device, and industrial use

Standard Specifications

  • Flow rate: 0.02~0.15 /min
  • Pump head: 140m (max)
  • Liquid temperature: 0℃ ~ 90 
  • Outlet diameter: 40~50mm
  • Rotating direction: CW (Clockwise when seeing at the driving unit)
  • Shaft seal: Packing type and mechanical seal type

Pump Selection Diagram

         Wesco Pump selection diagram